Woinkom the Komvention is Here

, Fri 21st, Apr 2017, 07:12

Every years kom sons and daughters the U.S gather to redefine their identity and chat a focus for the development of our lovely motherland under the umbrella of Afo-a-Kom U.S.A. Each year comes with a different perspective that moves us to the next level. In less than 60 days we will come together again to mark a memorable komvention with the D.C chapter steering us to a direction that will leads us into the next phase of promoting Kom culture and education in the age of advanced technology. The D.C chapter has been working hard to ensure an interesting and targeted komvention ever hosted by a chapter. 

From every indication, D.C is ready and all we need is a match commissioner to officiate this long-awaited gathering for the common good of our beloved homeland.

Over the years, the young kom adults were sitting on the fence. However, there is a reawakening spirit amongst the youths to fully integrate themselves in the development of Kom. For the very first time in the history of Afo-a- Kom U.S.A, the youths have been this excited to belong. In this light on Thursday June 15, 2017, they will be launching a dynamite branch of the association. “Komnamites is going to hit the ground running”.

As a welcome packet to the nation’s capital, the pioneer chapter has negotiated a must go party bus ride to the Washington D.C. The ride will take us to significant landmarks in the capital while we enjoy music of our choice as while as drinks. For a small fee of $20 per head we will be boarding based on first come first serve. Again, seats are limited so please prepare for this memorable tour. The tour will be on Friday June 16, 2017 at 12 noon.  In our land, we welcome our brothers and sisters with something good. So, the bus ride is just one of the things that will be offered in D.C.

Hotel rooms are going so fast. I just called the hotel to book my room today and the manager said in a few days the rooms will be all gone. Please make sure you book your room right away. “wasting time na fail”

You cannot afford to miss this wonderful komvention. There are only two things, either you miss and cry or attend and write your name in the history books of kom.

Komvention Komvention Komvention Komvention Komvention I can’t wait.

PRO D.C Chapter
Etienne Ndongkeh