The Provision of Science Laboratory Equipment to underprivilege Schools in Boyo Division, NWR – CAMEROON

The purpose of this project is provide some science laboratory equipment to GHS Abuh. This school was carefully selected amongst GHS ACHA, GHS ANJIN and GHS Meli. The justification of this project is also based on the location of the institution itself and its basic needs. GHS ABUH, is located in the west part of the Kom tribe on a hilly side. It is accessible from Fundong; the divisional headquarters of Boyo Division by an earth road.

Project Requestor:
GHS ABUH, Boyo Division North West Region of Cameroon via THE KOMNAMITES – USA.

Statement Of The Problem And Need

The main economic activity of the Kom tribe is agriculture. Here at Abuh the parents work farms to raise crops like Irish potatoes, beans, corn, cocoyams to pay for school fees. This is a very big challenge as some of those crops are seasonal. They do not work it all year round. The main cash crop being coffee also comes once a year. Due to the poor economic value and per capita income of the indigenes of Abuh, also given that their schools are been run by the PTAs,(which are the same poor farmers and parents of the students) they face difficulties in equipping most of their laboratories. This include computer laboratory, Home Economics laboratory and Science laboratory. 

Here, the Komnamites choose to engage in the provision of science laboratory equipment after a careful and serious brainstorming. This is to encourage the younger Komnamites to get involve in today’s science changing world and to keep  them a braced with the rest of the competitive science education.

Project Deliverables And Beneficiaries

At the end of this project, we The Komnamites hope to see first the Science laboratory been equipped with recent sophisticated microscopes and other laboratory equipment. Considering the population of the lower sixth and upper sixth science students in GHS ABUH, we anticipate atleast 80 students using the science laboratory every year. According to GCE Board policy, each Science student is to gain hands-on practical experience of up to 40% of their entire study period from lower sixth to upper sixth. Therefore, the entire science department of the school both students and teachers will benefit from this laboratory equipment for instructions, learning and teaching.

Project Champion (STAKEHOLDERS)

The following will be the stakeholders involve in this project especially at lauching

  2. The Divisional Delegation of Secondary Education
  3. The Fundong Council
  4. The PTA
  5. The Traditional Rulers
  6. The faith based organizations in the area.


  • Komnamites
  • Nawayn Kiffa Rosemary – President General: Afoakom USA
  • Bobe Bangha Genesis – President; Komnamites
  • Bobe Zebedee Yong – Chairperson; Komnamites Project Committee
  • Bobe Lenny Waingeh – Team Lead – Project Assessment