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Cleo Bonglack-Diom

Cleo Bonglack was born and raised in Cameroon and moved to the US in 2007. In that time, she has acquired a BA, an MBA and an MS in Healthcare Management and has ever since then served in various capacities in the healthcare field including in public health, direct care, Medicaid/CHIP, billing, revenue cycle management and contract and project management.

Culture, meantime, has always been a part of Cleo’s life. She remembers spending many of her summer holidays with her grandparents in Fundong, Kom, and sometimes she made the trip to An’njing to spend time with her maternal great grandma. This gave her the privilege to learn different aspects of her culture and the older she got, the more precious those memories became.

Thousands of miles away from Kom today, there is the concern that Kom youth in America are most likely missing out on some of such treasured moments. It was the motivating factor behind Cleo's decision to join hands with Kom Dynamites to bring the Kom culture to the diaspora. Her goal with this group is to use it as platform to educate Kom youths about the culture, impact sustainable projects in Kom, and build a network of support that will carry on for generations to come.