The Kom Kingdom

, Fri 14th, Apr 2017, 18:56

During the 19th century migration in Cameroon, most tribes moved south in search of better economic opportunities. The Kom people, who originated from upper Mbam in Tikari, moved in search of fertile soils.

They first settled in Bamessin. While in Bamessin, their population began to grow drastically, and rapidly. The Fon of Bamessin feared a possible attack from the Kom people. He then tricked the Fon of kom (njinnabo I) into believing that the increase in their male population may some day lead to them being overthrown. The fon of kom believed this and subsequently accepted his proposal to burn all the healthy men in two separate rooms.


After the act was committed, the Fon of Kom realized that he had been tricked. The Bamessin Fon had built a secret door for his men to escape when the fire started. Unable to bear the loss and betrayal, the Fon of Kom committed suicide by hanging himself. He died without a son. Legend has it that a python appeared and led the people of Kom to their present settlement in Liakom.Our culture is one of the richest and most influencial in the West coast of Africa.