Some Major Tourist Sites

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Kom is one of the biggest tribes in the North West Region of Cameroon. It is situated about 4500 kilometers above sea level. Kom fondom heads 9 chiefdoms including the chiefs of Akeh, Achain, Ajung, Nbengkas, Mughom, Munjung, Baicham, Munjang, and Mbeueni. This explains why the Fon of Kom is called the Paramount Fon. The motto of Kom is Child for continuity (+wayn) food for sustenance and wealth for comfortable (nyamgvim). Ikui, Itsinalah, and Achaf are the three royal clans in Kom. 

The present fon of kom is Fon Vincent Yuh II he has been fon since 1994. Anyone that  loves nature, Kom will be a place to visit. Although there are no big rivers in Kom, there are natural forests, hills, and highlands that will catch one’s eyes as they drive from Mbingo through Fundong. There are many features to visit in Kom like shops, restaurants and thriving. Anybody visiting can begin to know about Boyo Division as they set your foot in Belo town. While in Belo if one donesn’t go north, the visitor will miss the Ndawara highlands. Ndawara is rich with its highland and its largest tea estate in the division of Boyo. While in Ndawara the visitor will enjoy the game reserve, natural beauty and beautiful horse race every weekend, not forgetting the mountain forest and the Ijim Highland. Back in Belo, your eyes will never end following the Acha River which meanders through the town. This river is risky in the rainy season. If a visitor thinks that they are not feeling well because of much fun and food, they can visit the Mbingo Baptist Hospitals, which is one of the biggest hospitals in the division.

Kom does not only end in Belo nor Ndawara. Njinikom is well-known as the first place to have had a Prime minister of Cameroon, Augustine Ngom Njua though his term was short-lived. In Njinikom if a vistor has nothing to do, or love adventure, they can go on hiking in Boyo Mountain, which is one of the highest mountains in the division. Don’t forget to visit one of the ever first private secondary schools in Kom- kom Comprehensive High School now known as Njua’s memorial College and learn more about its past and present achievements. If one doesn’t feel too good to continue, they can visit the Njinikom Catholic Hospital, one of the best in the subdivision. The visitor can also stop by the Catholic Mission church on their  way to the hospital.

Nevertheless, Fundong is the capital of the Boyo Division. The primary occupation in the area like in Belo and Njinikom is sustainable farming. The biggest market is in Fundong. In Fundong main market, one can find almost everything that is grown in the farm. What is most interesting is that bargaining is rampant in the market, hence an African tradition. Fundong does not only have a big market but has a lot of touristic sites in Kom. To actually confirm this, there is the famous Tourist home Hotel that oversees the Chimne waterfall, a beautiful site while lodging. The famous Afo-aKom statue that travelled to United States in the 1960s and returned because of the mystical behaviors is found in the Laikom Palace. The palace is overly pregnant with information to confirm that like Cameroon, being Africa in miniature, so if Kom Fondom, like the Mystic Forest, Laikom Stone Wall built by the German and see the “tree that rose back when it was felt”Back in the days of “tangnakoli”. If there is a traditional ceremony, only traditional dances will make one forget their day.

From the Laikom Palace, one can go further north to visit the Ijim Forest and Ijim Landscapes, and the Abu Caves will be a wonderful place to stop by and play with bats for evening BBQ. 

As earlier said, to any lover of nature, Kom will be a place to visit. Other places that one will not regret visiting if they happen to be in Fundong and head south to Downtown Mentang, will be one of the only pyramids in the division called the German Mentang Pyramids which were constructed during the World War I.  The Bainjong grazing lands, Kom-Wum Forest reserve and the Mentang Caves.

Mentang Caves is one of the tourist sites that is not even well-known because of its terrible stories. Only one clan can drink from the “hanging never drying fall” which has no outlet. Water will automatically stop if any stranger that is not a member of the clan attempts to drink. If one insists to drink, it will splash water on their face until they leave. Water flows and disappears into rocks. The cave is called the never return cave and very mystical. 

By Olivier Kah.



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